Year: 2022

Colloque : « Les arts du sommeil » (The arts of sleep)

Dans le cadre du colloque Les arts du sommeil à Paris les 12–14 octobre, je co-présente une conférence avec Albertine Thunier intitulée : Création automatique et restitution des rêves surréalistes : le sommeil (les rêveries) de Desnos (re)vu par TikTok et Dream AI. // As part of a symposium in Paris on “the arts of sleep”, I’m giving a presentation with Albertine Thunier that can be loosely translated as “Automatic creation and the restitution of surrealist dreams: Desnos’s sleep and dreams revisited by TikTok and Dream AI.” ABSTRACT In an effort to restore the work of the Surrealists into popular culture, and in particular that of Robert Desnos, we reimagine his hypnotic sleep experiments using the protocols of digital automation. We understand applications like and TikTok as sites of memetic culture, and as technologies of cultural glanage that recuperate, rework, reframe, remediate, and recirculate cultural works and logics of different periods. In this sense, we align ourselves with Nova and Kaplan (2016), who present internet memes as matrices for generating cultural innovations. This presentation will …

Paperology Symposium – May 2022

Event website A public event exploring paper in its different forms and permutations. Un évènement public voué à l’exploration du papier dans ses différentes formes et permutations. May 6 –7, 2022Canadian Centre for Architecture, MontrealFree. All welcome. Organized by Juliette De Maeyer, Aleks Kaminska and Ghislain Thibault

Paperology seminar: Page Blanche

An intensive summer seminar on paper as media co-taught with my colleague Juliette De Maeyer. For more information. The seminar will be offered again as a summer intensive in May 2023. We don’t as yet have plans to give it for a third time.