Land|Slide Possible Futures Catalogue

I co-edited the catalogue for the Land|Slide: Possible Futures exhibition with Janine Marchessault, Chloë Brushwood Rose, and Jennifer Foster. This is an exhibtion that took place at the Markham Museum and Heritage Village in Markham, Ontario in 2013. The catalogue includes essays by each of the editors as well as by Shelley Hornstein, Julie Nagam and Yan Wu. Making up the bulk of the book is full-colour documentation of the over 30+ artist projects, including statements by all the artists:

Iain Baxter& | Andrew Bieler and Heather Rigby | Blue Republic | Angel Chen | Aron Louis Cohen | Dave Colangelo and Patricio Davila | Christine Davis | Department of Unusual Certainties | Duke and Battersby | Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira, and Tristan Prescott | Ken Gregory | David Han | Frank Havermans | Philip Hoffman | Mark-David Hosale | Terrance Houle | Maria Hupfield | Adrian Blackwell and Jane Hutton | Ali Kazimi | David Kidman | L+ | Deirdre Logue | Glynis Logue | Marman and Borins | Allyson Mitchell | MMM: Lisa Myers, Sean Martindale, and Yvan MacKinnon | Lisa Myers and Richard Fung | Julie Nagam | Skyhill Collective | David Harris Smith | Laura St. Pierre | Jennie Suddick | Xu Tan | Jeff Thomas | TIMEANDDESIRE | Tongue & Groove | Camille Turner


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