Paperology RAG

The Paperology Reading and Activity Group took place over Zoom during the 2020-2021 academic/pandemic year. I co-organized it with my colleauges Juliette De Maeyer and Ghislain Thibault, along with the infatiguable legwork of postdoc Alysse Kushinski.

There is more info on the projects page, and the links below give a good sense of what we did and the amazing community that gathered around the material that is paper.

Much to our delight, three Paperologists decided to keep the group going with a 2nd edition in 2021-2022. Here is the site for Paperology 2.0!

There are more Paperolology activities and publications still in the works, including a grad seminar, a publication or a few, a perhaps we’ll even meet in person one day?

To be continued…